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Discover the range of Electrolux kitchen and home appliances designed intuitively to make everyday living a breeze. Cook delicious meals every time with Electrolux cooking ranges and kitchen hobs. Preserve your favorite clothes for longer with Electrolux washing machines and dryers, and dry your dishes in 30 minutes with Electrolux dishwashers. Check out the rest of the range to find the best Electrolux water dispensers, air fryers, air conditioners, and so much more. Shop Electrolux in Kuwait with Jashanmal today, and enjoy an extended warranty on selected appliances.


Preserve your favorite clothes with Electrolux washing machines and dryers. Featuring a new care technology that helps your clothes last longer, they'll let you enjoy them for extended periods of time while reducing your impact on the environment. Experience the most effective stain removal with Electrolux washing machines’ exclusive SmartBoost technology, and preserve the whiteness of your clothes and linens with the Optic Whites™ cycle that prevents redeposit of dirt and residues, keeping your whites whiter than a regular bleach cycle. Not only that, but an Electrolux washing machine also provides cleaner than average rinses with the Pure Rinse™ option which removes detergent residues and fragrances that can irritate your skin, all without using more water! Discover the range of Electrolux Kuwait washing machines online now.

Protect your precious fabrics and keep them looking their best with Electrolux dryers which feature the Balanced Dry™ option. It prevents temperature spikes, keeping your clothes cooler throughout the cycle without extending drying time. Additionally, an Electrolux washer dryer lets you save time and energy while protecting garments from over or under drying with the unique LuxCare® Dry System, treating all of your fabrics with precision and care. It doesn't end here either, Electrolux dryers and washing machines have a lot more to offer! Discover the range today.


Get spotless dishes in just 30 minutes with Electrolux dishwashers that are designed to give you that perfect finish. Say goodbye to dirty dishes with the Satellite Spray™ Arm, and easily clean all shapes and sizes of dishes with the Target Wash Zones technology. Electrolux dishwashers are designed to make you stop worrying about doing the dishes ever again. With the Luxury Soft Grip that offers soft support for delicate glasses to prevent breakage and the Luxury-Dry™ system that leaves your dishes spotless, dishwashing will be the least of your worries thanks to Electrolux dishwashers. Shop the range now!

It doesn't end here, discover the rest of our Electrolux appliances at great prices and an extended warranty. Shop Electrolux in Kuwait online today.