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Juice Extractors

Make fresh juice in a heartbeat with a powerful juice extractor. Whether you’re into sweet fruit juices or ultra-healthy green juices, our juicer machines will let you enjoy fresh juice at any time. Make all kinds of juices with a versatile Kenwood juicer. Available with many attachments and multiple speeds, a Kenwood juicer gives you the most out of fruits and vegetables, so you can enjoy smooth, healthy juice every time. Shop online at Jashanmal and get the best juice machine price in Kuwait today.

What Is a Juice Extractor?

A juice extractor is a kitchen appliance that mechanically separates juice from the pulp of most fruits and vegetables. There are two types of juice extractors for home uses, centrifugal and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are the most common type of juicer machine. They work by shredding and spinning very quickly, separating juice from the pulp using blades and a strainer. They’re generally fast juicers. You can find the best centrifugal juice machine price in Kuwait in our online range.

What Is the Difference Between a Juicer and a Juice Extractor?

A juicer is a device that mostly extracts juice from citrus fruits. A regular juicer mashes the whole fruit to make juice, without distinguishing between puree, coating, and liquid. A juice extractor machine on the other hand generally has more options. It is used to make juice from most fruits and vegetables, separating the puree, seeds, and the fruit or vegetable’s skin, giving you only refined juice. Juice extractors are designed to give you smooth, pure juice, without any pulp. Enjoy fresh juice every day with our selection and get a great juice machine price in Kuwait today.